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Box 460, Portage la Prairie, MB, Canada R1N 3B7

New Rosedale Feedmill is owned and operated by New Rosedale Hutterite Colony 1944. The feedmill was built in 1998 for on farm feed manufacturing only but demand for feed off farm grew rapidly. New Rosedale made the decision to go commercial, applied for commercial ANAC member and got accepted. Growth continued every year and it soon came apparent that a separate premix plant would have to be built. Building for pre-mix was built in 2002 and pre-mix plant in 2003. July 2007 both plants got HACCP certification.

Expansion projects

  • In 2010 we increased our roller mill capacity by installing a RMS 12x20 roller grinder.
  • In 2012-13 main mill capacity was increased by adding a 2.5 t scott mixer with full bottom drop
  • In feb 2013 we had an open house/suppliers day for our new 17000 sq ft warehouse…had a good turn out and got lots of positive comments and feedback on the event.
  • In the summer of 2014 new net weight bagger and automatic palletizer were started up and have been a big plus to the business with more bag dealers coming on board.